Online Trading Scams & Losses

Online investment and trading scams are, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. There are currently numerous different schemes in place, with some scams becoming more notorious than others, that operate across the internet and various trading platforms. 

Here at Global Securities, our team specialise in dealing with a wide variety of different online trading scams and can help you to recover money and funds lost through these trades. Whether you’ve lost money through a CFD Scam, or made trades through Forex that resulted in financial loss as the result of an online trading scam, our team can work to trace this trade and look to recover the lost funds. 

There are many different ways in which scammers can conduct online trading scams, all whilst appearing legitimate, that can lead to investors and traders losing their money. We have a range of services here at Global Securities dedicated to online trading scams and losses and our team are on hand to help trace and recover these trades. 

How We Can Help Recover Money From Online Trading Scams

We understand that when you fall victim to an online trading scam, it can feel incredibly personal and we find that a number of our clients tend to feel embarrassed or have a lack of confidence in trading again. These feelings often mean that a number of online trading scam victims don’t come forward or report the scam, so little is often ever done about them. This doesn’t need to be the case. 

At Global Securities, we have a number of services in place to help recover funds lost through online trading scams. With these services, our team of USA-based specialist funds recovery experts and legal experts can offer confidential advice and support following an online trading scam, whilst working to trace the lost funds using the latest software and technology. 

The longer the scam is left unchallenged and goes without investigation, then the more likely it is that your money is lost forever. Our online trading scam and loss services allow our team to review your case and provide advice on how best to proceed.

Cryptocurrency Trading Losses

Even with the improvements in regulation and enforcement in the cryptocurrency market in recent years, a number of traders still, unfortunately, lose money through cryptocurrency trading scams. 

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Forex Trading Scams

Forex is a legitimate market that is used in the trading of international currencies, however, Forex trading scams are very specific, highly targeted and sophisticated, often intended to look like legitimate trading platforms. 

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NFT Scams

More traders than ever are looking for NFT investment and opportunities and, as a result, it can be harder to spot NFT trading scams on the blockchain. Due to the nature of transactions on the blockchain, if you fall victim to an NFT scam, you may not always be able to recover the lost property if left for too long.

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If you believe you’ve fallen victim to an online trading scam, then get in touch with the team at Global Securities as soon as possible. We can start the recovery process and begin tracing your lost funds.